Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Taken by Kris Rodammer

Don't call it a comeback

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I've been practicing flexibility
 like owning my own breathing
 taking in moments like a gymnast
inhaling life and living it
not just
as a witness
movement without thought

walking on your pores 
and swimming in your blood
you embodied my veins
 like sunshine 
memories of sunsets at a distance 
making love like maniacs

you make the hairs on my arm stand up 
like a cat 
i could never forget 
you were the only one
marking my body
 like highlighter 
on a map

But somehow it turned
you were suddenly
discovering america in my vagina 
marking the clitoris like Columbus
trying to own 
all that
which came before you ...

clapping is to orgasms
 like thanksgiving
for my womanhood

you forget my whole life
is a gift

I've been sailing this ship
for awhile now
playing hide and go seek with the moon
navigating this path like
stars in Orion's belt
flowing deep into the oblivion

trusting nothing
 but my own