Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photographs by Charles Nevols

Just over the Golden Gate Bridge, Charles and I spent a beautiful day hiking and shooting around Mt. Tam.

I had never been there before and the spirit of this place amazed me. I could feel it from the minute we got to our first location and all the way up to our last.

This one above was towards the end - we walked into an area of trees that was semi on a cliff and this circle of rocks was inside the little cove.

I made love to many of the trees, thanked them with whispers for allowing me to climb, lay, and experience them.

This place had the energy as is you were experiencing the earth's soul


I was entralled by it's sense of power.


  1. I think I went there on my family vacation :)

  2. Looks good, thanks...sweet memories of the best model and a great person

  3. I'm just now seeing your comments -- thank you! :)