Friday, March 5, 2010

HOLE- Y Shit.

It was 1999, I was a freshman at redlands east valley high, and Chelsea and I were repetitiously calling KROQ like our lives depended on it trying to win tickets to the Hole and Manson concert at the Forum. Our two favorite bands - after Korn (geez-us!) - were going on tour, TOGETHER. It was a dream come true but to our dismay we did not win tickets and buying them was out of the question. Incidentally, the LA show turned out to be the last show of the tour.

Although I did end up fulfilling my adolescent fantasy of seeing Marilyn Manson (and Twiggy Ramirez - HUGE crush), due to Courtney Love's train wreck nature and uninteresting solo project, seeing Love onstage never materialized.

Hopefully, until now that is... go on sale Saturday for Hole at the El Rey (!!).
**Retraction- the show is actually at The Fonda and ticket scalpers suck, no luck on tickets - BOO**

Although not the original band lineup, I'm still pretty fucking interested and excited. The idea of waking up early to secure a spot on my laptop, coffee in hand & logged onto Ticketmaster at 9:58 to buy tickets at 10 am is hilarious to me, but YOU KNOW that's what will be happening. I haven't been this excited since I bought tickets last month to see Broken Social Scene.

- Here's to 1999.


  1. i LOVEEEEE Hole! and i have to admit, i love crazy courtney too! the world needs more of the outrageous

    God bless the 90's

  2. i think i might go too! well, we shall see if i get tickets :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the lovely comment and yes, that is me :) is that you in the latest post????


  3. yeah, they just added a second show - tickets go on sale tomorrow (!). Hopefully I have better luck getting tickets this time. Good luck :)

    You are Beautiful and nice blog. Yes, that's me in the latest post.

    Be well