Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hmmm, days have been just going by - as they do - and I really just haven't been that engaged in too much. For awhile I was really into researching NYC, getting ready to go visit the city for the first time - should have been getting on the red eye tonight to arrive tomorrow morning. Unfortunately plans have been canceled as I have had a recent dance with deja vu and irony and felt better that I should cancel and reschedule for another time under better circumstances. So that's that.

However, this little set back has invigorated me and challenged me to not fall victim to the same outcome as I did before. Makes me wanna move my ass more, figure out things, focus a lot more, do it and get 'er done. Today's a better day. Same shit, better attitude. Your outlook changes everything. Everything. So here's to looking up.

Photo by Matthew Brown

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