Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

SO my weekend started on Thursday night - I went to go see Bonobo at the El Rey. Pretty Amazing! I've been excited about this show for awhile because he never plays in the US, or at least hasn't in the time that I've known about him. Unlike most times I've been at the El Rey, I stood in front on the coveted steps bringing me eye level to the stage.

Although I think the sound is a bit compromised, being able to SEE the entire show was indeed a treat. I also liked the crowd that was surrounding me - we all danced and cheered, had fun, were merry - It was great.

He played a lot of songs from Days to Come which is by far my favorite album. It came out in 2006, but he has more recently released Black Sands which came out March of this year.

I tried to see if I could find Black Sands streaming somewhere, no such luck -but here you can listen to Animal Magic which was his first album, released in 2002.

Also, here is a track/video taken from Black Sands called "Eyesdown".

Sidenote(!!) The ice cream man has been on my street, 2 doors down for the past 10-ish minutes, driving me crazy. My street has made me hate ice cream trucks and children.


And well, it was great. It was a trip for sure - surreal, funny, a little disappointing at moments. It was everything I expected a Hole show to be. I'm really happy having this new memory. Seeing it with Chels was by far the best part.

I'm not sure how much I liked the new band line-up. The few times I did watch them, they were very uneventful to say the least. The lack of feminine energy was very noticeable to me. It was also very noticeable that Courtney was on some type of prescription drug or something of the like. A part of me wanted her to be sober, like it's been 10 years, come on Courtney.

But that's it - it's all good from here - those were my worst complaints. Not bad. It was pretty awesome. We got there kind of late in terms of seating on the balcony, but these two nice gentlemen in the second row/ center, moved over so that Chels and I could sit there together. We couldn't of hand picked better seats. She opened with "pretty on the inside" and closed with "doll parts". She played about 5 new songs and the rest were all from Live Through This, Pretty on the Inside, and Celebrity Skin. She even played Gold Dust Woman - it was pretty sweet.

Random note - the crowd was soo much older then I thought it would be. It was kind of funny actually. All of us rockin out to Hole, ten years later. A little cheeze I know, but I felt like a chapter closed at the end of the night, it was kind of funny that way. Will I retire my docs, probably not but all in all, a fantastic night.

Lastly ~ Today.
I went to the California Science Center to see the exhibit America I Am with my mom. It was a comprehensive body of information, taking us on a journey that would last 4 hours -touching on socioeconomic, spiritual, cultural, and historical aspects of the Negro life in America from slavery to today. Artifacts, manuscripts, audio and visual, it was truly an experience.

You can launch the online exhibit here if you can't make it down there to see it in person before it closes next weekend. Yes, if you live in LA, that was a plug. Go see it.

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