Friday, May 14, 2010

Bent Horizons

Driving along the 5 fwy, one of our many trips back and forth from LA to SF, SF to LA - parked on the side of the road, over a barbed wire fence, and out in the fields. Sun kissed & wind blown, we found ourselves a little piece of free.

TODAY marks my last 2 weeks at Zenith (job). I find myself suppressing squeals of happiness, something that has been estranged from me for awhile. A few days ago I ran into the house, jumped on my bed, and screamed into my pillow - it was after that moment that I realized I haven't been this happy in a long time.

All I can think about is my time away. In the fields, in nature, surrounded by trees, a soundtrack of birds and small creatures, calm peaceful energy, and being with people I love and adore - my soul is yearning for it all.

I'm trying not to get so caught up in leaving that I miss enjoying the few weeks left here in LA with the people I love here. The present moment does still exist and I'm daily trying to find something beautiful in it.

I am somewhat afraid/interested to see the changes in me that may occur after 5 months of the woods, seclusion, nomadic behavior, living out of backpack, having no alarm clock, cell phone, internet, etc - hopefully I don't come back a crazy lady that can't handle the hustle and bustle that is Los Angeles. I doubt it though, I'm pretty adaptable by nature - and quiet as it's kept, I do love living in this city as crazy as it can be sometimes.

Who knows. My mind is wandering, trying to connect the dots of the future - make sense of a path that hasn't shown itself to me fully.

Universe, it's in your hands - take care of me please. <3

A dear friend called me today - we haven't talked in about 9 months (for no specific reason) - it was really comforting to hear his voice, his plans, his progress. We have witnessed each others lives for so long and been a part of so many of the bad moments that it was great to share in such a positive one today. He moves to Portland the day I leave for PA to kickoff my journeys.


Okay -

I'm done sharing.


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