Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've been lagging, I know, but I have many updates so stay tuned.
(Broken Social Scene in SF!! A-mazing!)


But let's catch up from the beginning, awhile back I posted this, and well, I finally took my ass to go see it last night.

Thoughts? Brilliant.

I truly didn't know what to expect and I wasn't expecting much more than just a cool, interesting movie that showed me good street art and offered a peek into the life of. Not only was this movie All of that, it was intelligently made, funny, thought provoking, and just damn brilliant. I loved it.

The irony within the art world never ceases to amaze me. I can say nothing more other than you really should go see this movie.


Lastly, this picture makes me uncontrollably happy. Read more about it here. Love and safe travels to my girl Jessi who's headed out to meet her next adventure.

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