Sunday, August 15, 2010

Somewhere closer to home

Down by the river....

A place to chill...

Marin and I after a day in the dirt....

Moments in time ...

...Now I really should do a better job at presenting these next batch of pictures - putting them in some aesthetically pleasing order that presents these moments in some beautiful nostalgic light for both you (the viewer) and myself, however I just can't do that. Why? Mainly because of time constraints and pure lack of motivation to do so. As you will notice that the date of this post will come up as August 15th - which it's not - it's August 28th. I started this post on the 15th and have yet to actually post it because of the very reason/obsession of trying to make it pleasing to my eye (and failing). So even though it somewhat irks me to do so, I'm going to just leave it as this mosh posh of unorganized pictures so I can move on to other post.

...Yes, (in case you're wondering) I did at least edit them, however I spend a lot (a lot) of time with these wonderful people so there are many (many) pictures of them. You will get to know them well over the next few months. They are my mountain family/network/friends/connection to sanity & reality (for what that's worth).


  1. Dear Jazime,
    You don't know me, I am a friend of Marin's. I came across your blog and just adore your pictures, seeing Marin so happy, and seeing Devin playing, I feel like i was there. Sounds like you guys are living a pretty fabulous place. That dancing shot in the kitchen is my favorite.

    Thank yo for sharing,