Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some music I've been listening to....

Noah and the Whale : First days of Spring
Starts off a little slow but an epic and beautiful song. Yes, I did use the word Epic. The whole album is really good and worth downloading. Amazon actually has really, really cheap downloads available. I think I paid like 6 bucks for it or something. Worth getting.

Freelance Whales : Hannah
This band is super fun and this song kind of makes me happy. Once again the album is worth getting. I would recommend it. Lots of fun arrangements and unpredictable melody's.

* Note I've done another listen of this album and I feel I must retract the unpredictable melody's comment. It's actually very predictable but not in a bad way at all.  It's just kind of simple and fun and tends to be a little obvious but still enjoyable because they don't over do it. It has a VERY strong resemblance to Postal Service as far as the music goes. I still recommend it.

Geopgrapher : Wonderful
Yes, this band again. They might be one of my new favorites. I can not get their album out of my head, out of my cd player, simply awesome. It's one of those cd's that ends and you just let keep playing, not really noticing that it started playing over again. I haven't listened to their newest album yet, but I'm sure it's just as good. Download it!

....And sidenote, the new Radiohead, Pj Harvey, and Gorillaz are all pretty good too if you haven't heard. 

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