Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I want to live without consequences
I want to live without questions
I want to live without judgement

What would happen if I exposed the darkest parts of me for all to see
How would they come back to haunt me
Would I care
Would it matter
Would it change the course of my life
Would it put me in danger
Would it attract the wrong people

Fuck we live in such a weird weird world
I never feel like I fit
I never feel like any of this matters to me
People are so intriguing
Shouldn't we want to see their shadows
Doesn't it make it more interesting

I am sick of this cookie cutter world
I crave diversity
I crave abnormal
Bring me the freaks dammit

It's a shame I feel like I have to start an anonymous blog just to be able to write about everything on my mind. What world have we created? Why are these walls necessary? Why can I be more open here than I can be face to face with some of my friends. Such a strange thing. Why am I participating, why do I feel like I have to?

And I guess the other thing is this blog being connected to me professionally. GD.
Worlds colliding. All the different women I've been. All the different poses I've taken. Hold tight.
I wish I could share. My muscles spasm with indifference.

1 comment:

  1. I feel you...
    My mind goes there often.
    I become an observer of a place I cannot travel to, not because I'll be stopped, but because I'd lose sight of who I am among the man-made surroundings.