Friday, March 26, 2010

2006 ~ Pacific Palisades
Worlds ago buried in an enchanted back yard of a beach house transplant. Fairy tales were still real then, Mogan's tuna melts, repetitiously driving on Sunset Blvd, California Vegan, dog beach days in Malibu, very late late nights that somehow turned into the sunrise of the next day, Kibitz, worlds apart, worlds away.


  1. What a life. What a great, great life.

  2. "Fairy tales were still real then" GeezUs Jaz, you trying to kill me over here?

    Great shot. Better memories. How in the world those could have been the "simpler times" I have no idea.

  3. @PurestGreen - It really, really was. Only lasted for a summer, but good memories all the same.

    @Cris, cracking me up. I knew you'd comment on this.